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Art Charcoal Tips


Art Tips | Art Charcoal Tips

Useful Materials


1. Large, and a small stencil brush Usually used for filling in stencils with colored chalk powder, they work quite well with getting a uniform value in powdered charcoal.


2. Eye-shadow applicator These are great for getting in "tiny" details on a large scale piece, or even a medium normal sized one. They give you better control over tweaking small areas that are just impossible with foam brushes or stencil brushes. these you can buy at a dollar store, and I recommend buying several. Usually i can only find these in the sets for makeup stuff, but that's fine, since some of the other tools us women often use for makeup are just as useful for charcoal work.


3. Index cards Use these to help you get a smooth, straight edge when filling in various values for flat surfaced objects on your paper. Have alot of them. They're cheap, and you can find them almost anywhere that sells paper products


4. Paper There are various kinds of paper you can use for charcoal. You can buy the cheap pads of clearly marked charcoal paper at any art supply store, or you can buy the rather expensive Arsha's Paper stock. This second kind is about $8-$10 a sheet, and the people at the store have to cut it down for you, so make sure you have your measurements right.


5. White artist's tape NOT MASKING TAPE. Masking tape, when used on the paper, is likely to tear in when you go to remove it from the paper. You can use the tape for the same purposes as the index cards, but the main use for it is to stick the paper to whatever board you are drawing the paper on, to keep if from moving (especially if you're working on a stand up easel).
6. Workable fixatif This stuff is a must for any sort of oil pastel, or powdery medium that can smear (like pencil sketches). Dont ever use hairspray. Anyway, this stuff, while you can't erase anything done after spraying it on, you can continue to add to your piece. It doesn't cost much, and can last a good long while.


7. Kneaded eraser This thing is great for stuff like charcoal, when you have to erase something. After it gets so dirty you can really erase with it anymore, just pull it apart, roll it around, and viola! its clean again!
Yay! Everyone needs this, even if you're not doing charcoal.


8. Powdered charcoal This stuff is what you use to get a base, uniform value before you start lightening or darkening something. To help it get that nice, pretty, smooth and uniform value, first use a foam brush to get alot on the paper, then go over it with the stencil brushes.

9. Charcoal sticks Willow, vine, wood crayons. Get them in various hardnesses and softnesses for different lights and darks.


10. Exacto blades Careful with these. these are used to sharped the tip of the charcoal you're using. always remember to push the blade away from you, and try not to be too rough, or you'll break the tip.


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