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The Golden Age of Russian Impressionism

Art Discoveries


First $1 Million Find for ‘Antiques Roadshow’

June 29, 2009


New York - A woman who inherited some Chinese carved jade from her father has scored the first $1 million appraisal from experts on the U.S. television program "Antiques Roadshow,"...



Russian Art Finds More Success at Christie’s

April 27, 2009


New York - Courtesy Christie'sThe sale's top lot was Svetoslav Roerich’s "Portrait of [his father] Nicholas Roerich in a Tibetan Robe" (1933), which sold for $2,994,500 (est . $900,000–1.1 million), eclipsing the artist's record, set just a week earlier...



Inaugural Russian Sale at Sotheby's Totals $53.3 Million

November 27, 2007


London - Wealthy collectors fought over “works of their heritage” at Sotheby’s inaugural evening sale of Russian art in London yesterday, bringing in £25.7 million ($53.3 million) and beating presale estimates of £16 to £23.5 million, reports Bloomberg...



Russian Art Market to Face First Big Test of 2009

April 21, 2009


New York - Courtesy Sotheby'sIvan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, "Columbus Sailing from Palos" (1892). Est. $1–1.5 million.

Collectors and art enthusiasts curious to see how Russian art fares in the current market will have a chance to find out this week as rival auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s host important sales in New York...



Ice Age Art Found in Germany

June 21st, 2007


Germany - Archeologists have found a 35,000-year-old carving of a woolly mammoth in southwestern Germany. It is believed to be the oldest ivory carving every found, the newspaper der Spiegel said Wednesday.

An archeology team from the University of Tubingen found the figurine...



Rare Ancient Indian Art Found in Tennessee

22 January 2009


Tennessee - Cory Holliday almost didn't see the stick figure painted on the sandstone. His first impression was that it was a clever fake. A cave specialist for the Tennessee chapter of The Nature Conservancy, Holliday was searching for caves in a remote part of Fentress County on the Cumberland Plateau (Tennessee, USA) when discovered the foot-long painting of a dancing stick figure. The left leg appeared misshapen, and the right hand resembled a claw...



Revealed: the Stolen Art found at Home of Crime Boss Adams

Thursday 7 June 2007       


London - A treasure trove of stolen art and antiques, which was discovered in the £2m mansion belonging to the London crime boss Terry Adams, can be revealed today.

When detectives arrested the north London godfather in September 2003 they found what they later described as an Aladdin's cave of treasures gracing his home. Most of the property was found to have been stolen from country houses, art galleries and

museums over the last 10-15 years...



Truckload of Missing Art Found in Trailer Park

May 4, 2006


New York - A multimillion-dollar art heist that began two weeks ago when a truckload of paintings, sculpture and antique furniture vanished on the road from southern Florida to New York ended Wednesday night in an unlikely place: a 30-year-old trailer park in Gainesville...



Cuban Bodegones Art Found in Miami, Florida

 May 12 2006


Florida - Still-Life Paintings and Cuban Culture Latin American art is of cultural and historical importance. Diego Rivera is one fine example of Latin artists that have left their mark on the art world, depicting their heritage, political climate and social change. What is most interesting about Latin American art, aside from boldness...



Rare SNAFU/Wartime Animation Art Found

May 8, 2007


Manchester's - A Hollywood production artist, part-time performer and animator, Paul Manchester, has inherited a cache of rare World War II animation artwork of great significance.  Manchester’s great uncle, Harold “Al” Curry, served as a storyboard artist under Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) during the war. Paul recounts his story:

Before my great uncle Al died he was cleaning out a bunch of old stuff in preparation for a move and he gave me a manilla packet of old stuff he didn’t really know what to do with. I was following in his footsteps as an illustrator who occassionally worked in animation...



Van Gogh Art Found in Cellar

12 Apr 2007


Netherlands - A previously unknown work by Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have been discovered in the cellar of a museum in Croatia.

The unnamed oil on canvas painting, showing five women and a little girl from Scheweningen in the Netherlands in a forest, is signed Vincent in one corner...



Nazi Albums of Looted Art, Found in Attic, Reach U.S. Archives

19 Jun 2008


France - Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- For decades they sat in the attic of an American home: two fraying albums that document Adolf Hitler's quest for supremacy of the art world.

Inside were black-and-white photographs of paintings by such French artists as Francois Boucher, Hubert Robert and Antoine Watteau. Before World War II, the paintings were owned by French Jews. During the German occupation of France, the Nazis seized the art and sent the albums for Hitler to review...



Stolen Art Found in Obscure Places

Feb 19, 2008


Zurich – The four 19th-century paintings stolen from a Swiss museum have reportedly been found in an unlocked car parked outside a Zurich psychiatric hospital. Although police have not yet confirmed the find, Swiss media are reporting that the $168 million worth of loot—one work each by Cézanne, Degas, Monet, and van Gogh—has been recovered. The paintings were stolen by masked gunmen on February 10...



Stolen Art Found in Parked Car

Janurary 3 , 2008

Swiss - Found ... Poppies near Vetheuil by Claude Monet. Photograph: AFP

Four Impressionist paintings stolen in one of the world's largest art robberies this month were discovered last night in the car park of a psychiatric hospital in Zurich, Swiss media reported.

Three armed men burst into the Emile Bührle foundation, a private collection...



December 22, 2009
New York, NY. London based film maker Tim Burton recently debuted a litany of strange and intriguing work at New York's Museum of Modern Art...



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