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The Golden Age of Russian Impressionism

89 Top Art Collectors

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12. David Bowie

e owns a diverse range of work, from the old-school - Tintoretto and Rubens - to more modern pieces by the likes of Gavin Turk and Gilbert & George. Steve Martin is a character whom you might not expect to know a Franz Kline from a finger painting. And yet, not only has he managed to light up our screens in Parenthood and Father of the Bride (parts one and two, lest you forget), but his art collection lists Kline as well as pieces by Picasso, Edward Hopper, Willem de Kooning and Cy Twombly. 







13. Irma and Norman Braman

Certainly the most discreet collectors in the often blingy Miami scene are Norman and Irma Braman. Norman, who is chairman of the Art Basel Miami Beach Host Committee, was number 326 on Forbes’s Richest Americans list last year, with $1.2bn. He derives his fortune from car dealerships and also cashed in on his 1985-94 ownership of the Philadelphia Eagles football team. He is a generous donor to health and Jewish causes but what sets him apart is his stellar collection of classic American art. His 1960s home overlooking Biscayne Bay is studded with extraordinary acquisitions: for a start, he has the best collection of Calders in private hands, including two very early mobiles as well as another 15 pieces. He has a Jasper Johns 1962 “Diver” and a 1951-52 Rothko as well as works by Warhol, David Smith, Miró and Ellsworth Kelly. 







14. Leland and Larita Boren

 Leland and Larita Boren’s collection started in 1971 when the staff of Avis Industrial Corporation, presented them with a Pause That Refershes, an oil painting by Joe Beeler. Now when collecting art, they do no have a method to purchase art, such as picking an artist or the price associated with it. They purchase western fine art that they enjoy, and the story it portrays.

Most recently they have 250 paintings, 80 bronzes, and 11 kachina dolls in their collection. Roy Andersen’s The Three sisters, and Joe Beeler’s Along the Chisholm Trail is apart of their collection. The most recent acquisition being a bronze by John Coleman, an artist they met at the Eiteljorg Museum’s Quest for the West show.







15. Christian Boros

 Christian Boros art collection has grown since he first started collecting, that now he displays his artwork in a WWII bunker. When asked about this decision in an interview with artvoices magazine he stated that “I didn’t choose the bunker. It’s rather that the bunker chose me when in 2002, my wife Karen and I were looking for a historical building in Berlin. We never thought about showing our contemporary art collection in a bunker before we saw it. In a bunker you won’t come across any natural daylight”, but the historical beauty of it drew them into renovating it to display his art collection.

While he uses a bunker to display his artwork to the community, he keeps pieces in his home as well as in a storage facility. Christian and, his wife, Karen switch out pieces of art within their home. “Pieces come and go, they are like memories for us. Every work is connected to something, a feeling, a place, a certain time. And with our memories and experiences the collection grows. It’s a variety of our subjective personalities”.






Pages: 1-3 4-7 8-11 12-15 16-19 20-23 24-27 28-49 50-71 72-93 94-115 116-137 138-159 160-181 182-203 204-225 226-231

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