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The Golden Age of Russian Impressionism

Jim Ventura's Creative Spirituality

Jim Ventura is an author, radio show host, and navigational consultant who has knowledge and practical expertise in working with a number of different types of Oracles (Tarot, Runes, Angel cards, Astrology, Numerology, etc...). He helps his clients and readers to see how the use of oracles can assist us in tuning into the messages from the Universe/Higher Self. Oracles are not only an excellent way to gain insight, but their use may also sharpen our intuitive abilities. Oracles infuse artistry and universal archetypal patterns together to trigger an awakening of the beneficial directional forces that exist both inside and outside of ourselves. Jim is the author of a monthly column called Snake Oil and is available (by appointment) for personal navigational consultations. More information about Jim's services can be found at his website: http://JimVentura.com.

Working with oracles can remind us of the amazing syncronicity that exists in this world. Whether you believe that a card or symbol chosen "randomly" is specifically meant for you or if its wisdom could apply to anyone at some level, we still can benefit by tuning into the wisdom of many different types of oracles. Each month I will discuss the message of a different oracle. Consider contemplating how this months symbol might apply to your life. See if tuning into this archetype through meditation can help you understand how both the positive and "negative" aspects of this month's oracle may apply to your past, present, or future.

The Tarot

For many people, the Tarot is seen as a tool that psychics and fortune tellers use to read peoples fortunes. Some people with more cynical and skeptical perspectives often see it as a "scam" device to take peoples money. Yet, any serious study of the Tarot will bring one to an increased awareness of how much insight this Oracle can truly give us. There are 22 major Arcana cards and 56 minor Arcana cards in a Tarot deck. The Major Arcana illustrate the universal archetypes we all experience at different points in our lives. The minor Arcana focus more on specific details of day to day life. The artwork of the Tarot can help us to see and understand the symbolism of what these archetypes tell us. Whether a card is upright or reversed also adds another aspect to consider.


The imagery of the Emperor archetype portrays male energy, stability and confidence. The number four directs us to focus our energy into the material and practical elements of this world. The male character suggests the confidence to achieve noticeable results in the tangible, physical world. The Fool and Magician of previous Tarot Archetypes have matured and we see this evolution in the image of the Emperor. Plans, ideas, and creative interests have now grown in a very real way. Action has already been taken and now results can be clearly seen. Often the red colors in this card show excitement and passion, while the mountains in the background illustrate a grounded approach to action taken.

Emperor Upright.

The Emperor in the upright position suggests that goals and projects are coming to fruition to be seen in the outside world. The use of wisdom and attention to the practical details of any endeavor brings results. The seeker has used resources, planned well, and has worked hard to achieve their goals. The external world reflects this success. The seeker has, or is now willing to channel male energy into productivity and stability. Strategy and successful management have led to advancement and often a position of leadership. Internal coincidence and the ability to take initiative lead to external achievement. The seeker has moved "up the ladder" and is willing to take responsibility for proper management of self and others. Plans now come to pass. A time of outer world success are often a part of the Emperor cards upright meaning.

Emperor Reversed.

When we see the Emperor card falling reversed it suggests a misuse of personal power. There may be stubbornness from another (or organization or company) that creates blockades. Unreasonable authority, unfair laws, rules, or "red tape" may be causing the obstructions. Plans do not come to pass at this time. We see delays and obstacles. A lack of internal confidence are often part of this standstill. Avoidance of practical responsibility and immature behavior or egocentric rigidity can bring less than desirable results. A lack of follow through or unwillingness to "do what is necessary" to achieve goals block the seeker’s progress. Resistance to adaptation or bullheadedness from within or outside keep things from moving forward. The delays may be temporary and the seeker may simply need to be patient. Sometimes the obstacles are reminding the seeker to consider a new path or way of achieving the goal. In either case, a reworking of plans, patience, flexibility, and adaptability are required to achieve forward movement.

Jim Ventura 2-2012

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Art of the Tarot

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