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The Golden Age of Russian Impressionism

Paper Selection


A. Hot Pressed: This paper is very smooth because there is very little "tooth" or texture on the surface. This is great for detailed pencil, pen and marker work because its smooth surface gives your work a clean, finished look. You can buy larger sized paper as individual sheets or packs of smaller sized paper at your local art store.

B. Cold Pressed: This is a rougher textured paper than hot pressed paper. The tooth or surface of the paper has more fine bumps. These bumps allow more of the loose pigment to hold onto the surface because there are more ridges. This paper is a great choice for pencil, pastel and watercolor, giving your work a softer look. You can buy larger individual sheets or packs of smaller sized paper at your local
art store.


C. Vellum: The surface of vellum is transparent, smooth and uniform. It is a great paper for technical drawings and excellent for Prismacolor Premier Art Markers as well as Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. The smooth and translucent surface allows you to work on both sides of the vellum which gives work more depth. Try filling in larger areas on theback side with Prismacolor Premier Markers and adding detail on the front side with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. Vellum is great for creating professional looking renderings with your Prismacolor materials because its surface allows the ink and pigments to blend smoothly.

D. Illustration Board: Illustration board is a thicker paper or board and comes in hot press and cold press. Illustration board is used for artwork that will be scanned or reproduced onto other mediums. Illustration board is also frequently used in presentations because it is a heavier stock and can be handled and transported easily.

E. Bristol Board: Bristol provides working surfaces on the back and on the front. Bristol is similar to illustration board but bristol board is finished on both sides where as illustration board is only finished on one side. Additionally, bristol board is usually lighter in weight than illustration board. Bristol board is an excellent surface for marker, pencil and ink rendering, getting its name from the town Bristol, England where it was originally made.

F. Colored Paper and Black Paper: By selecting colored paper or black paper, you can create different tonal moods to your work. With white papers, you have to create shadows and leave areas for highlights. With darker paper you are creating the mid-tones and highlights. Mid-toned paper such as taupe or beige you create the shadow and highlights. Experiment by drawing the same rendering on a piece of white, beige/taupe and black piece of paper. The Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Pastels and Nupastels work well on all colors of paper. The Prismacolor Art Markers work best on lighter colored paper because they actually dye the paper instead of resting on the surface like the pigments of pencils and pastels. Therefore it is best to stick to the mid-tones and light paper when working with markers.


G. Marker Paper: This paper is specifically designed for marker use and rendering. My favorite is Graphics 360 by Bienfang. It is a 100% rag translucent paper. One hundred percent rag paper is made from fabric fibers whereas standard computer paper is made from wood pulp. You can also purchase paper and marker paper that is a combination of both rag and wood. This is a top notch paper that can be used with pencil, charcoal, pastel and pen and ink. This paper can be bought in different sized packs.

H. Experiment! Try experimenting with different types of paper not just those mentioned above. I love testing out different surfaces in order to create unique and original pieces of art.


I. Visit The Art Store: Go to your local art supply store and chat with the sales associates about the papers. Most of the sales people are artists themselves, and working in a retail environment with the best materials and fellow artists, they are filled with knowledge and helpful tips. The feedback, questions and expertise they can share will be extremely valuable.


Tip from: http://www.prismacolor.com/sanford/consumer/prismacolor/mystudio/tips.jhtml?id=0004

Art of the Tarot

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