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The Golden Age of Russian Impressionism




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 A French word meaning ‘rebirth’ the Renaissance was a major period of art that took place in Europe from 1400 – 1600. Along with this period came the discovery of atmospheric and one point perspective, as well as a true understanding of human anatomy. Each of these breakthroughs, coupled with the interest of humanity and desire to represent realistic forms, the Renaissance is arguably one of the best periods of art that the word has ever seen.

The Renaissance was born in Italy when early Italian Renaissance artists like Giotto di Bordone and Cimabue first began to understand the basic principals of design. Their work in painting was soon by echoed in sculpture and architecture as Donatello mastered the human emotion in pieces like David and Mary Magdalene and Filippo Brunelleschi conquered the major architectural feat by engineering and building the Duomo of the Florence Cathedral. Their accomplishments led to the masters of the High Renaissance   which include Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci, of which all became some of the greatest artists of the Western world.

Though the Renaissance is most often associated with Italy, Northern European countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands also had a major artistic revolution during this time. The Early Northern Renaissance brought with it the mastery of oil painting, and as a result, Northern Renaissance paintings have a sheer brilliance that Italian paintings lack. Jan van Eyck mastered oil painting technique to create stunning paintings filled with bright color and remarkable realism. Robert Campin, Peter Brugel the Elder and Rogier Van der Weyden were also artistic pioneers during the Northern Renaissance and helped t create a unique style that was completely different from that which was occurring in Italy during the same time.









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