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The Golden Age of Russian Impressionism


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Art Collector Center

Art Collector Center is your home for all your art collecting needs. If your looking for information about how to acquire art from other collectors, go to Art Collector Centers list of art collectors. Art Collector Center also has info about upcoming auctions and auction Houses. For information regarding recent art findings, Art Collector Centers Art Discoveries is were you need to go for lots of info and pictures. Art Fortune also has a Featured Art Collectors section under Art Collector Center.

Register As An Art Collector - Register As An Art Collector for your own exclusive membership. If you looking to advertise around the world in 20 different languages, Register As An Art Collector. Art Fortune offers a wide variety of features, benefits and services to the Art Community. If you are an Art Collector or aspiring Art Collector that is seeking access to learn, share and create art, join Art Fortune and become a member of the World's Premier Art Information and Resource Center. Art Fortune offers you access to a list of Art Galleries, Dealers, Collectors, Auction Results and more throughout the world. Join the message board and start a discussion about your favorite artist, medium or ask a question and let the world's largest online art community respond.

Upcoming Auctions & Auction Houses - Upcoming Auctions & Auction Houses is your destination for International Auction Houses. We have auction houses in the USA, China, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Taiwan, Argentina, Czech Republic, Greece, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Eire, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, South Africa, Ukraine, Belgium, Estonia, India, Luxemburg, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay, Chile, France, Israel, Monaco, Qatar, Switzerland, and Venezuela. Upcoming Auctions & Auction Houses provides you with a list of auction that Art Fortune has compiled for your convenience.

List of Art Collectors - List Of Art Collectors is an achieve where you can list your name and business. List Of Art Collectors features art collectors like Giovanna and Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, Mary and John Pappajohn, Bernardo Paz, Francois Pinault, Victor Pinchuck, Elizabeth and Harvey Plotnick, Miuccia Prada and Pratizio Bertelli, Veronique and Louis Antoine Prat, Penny Pritzker, Emily Pulitzer, Cindy & Howard Rachofsky, Mitchell Rales, and Louise & Leonard Riggio. If you’re looking for a List Of Art Collectors Art fortune is the home for you.

Featured Art Collectors - Featured Art Collectors was build for those of you that are interested in becoming a featured art collector with Art Fortune. Becoming a Featured Art Collector allows you to have maximum exposure on a global site that is translated into 20 different languages. Featured Art Collectors is a lucrative advertising opportunity and a fantastic networking club. Please email us advertising@artfortune.com for information regarding this profitable advertising deal with Art fortunes Featured Art Collectors.

Art Discoveries - Art Discoveries is list compiled by art fortune to provide you with information on recent and past discoveries of stolen or lost art. Art Discoveries list of art that was found includes First $1 Million Find for ‘Antiques Roadshow’, Russian Art Finds More Success at Christie’s, Inaugural Russian Sale at Sotheby's Totals $53.3 Million, Russian Art Market to Face First Big Test of 2009, Ice Age Art Found in Germany, Rare Ancient Indian Art Found in Tennessee, Revealed: the Stolen Art found at Home of Crime Boss Adams, Truckload of Missing Art Found in Trailer Park, Cuban Bodegones Art Found in Miami, Florida, Rare SNAFU/Wartime Animation Art Found, Van Gogh Art Found in Cellar, Nazi Albums of Looted Art, Found in Attic, Reach U.S. Archives, Stolen Art Found in Obscure Places, and Stolen Art Found in Parked Car.

Antiques Roadshow

Cuban Bodegones

Missing Art Found

Nazi Albums Found

Rare Indian Art

Russian Art at Christies

Russian Art Market

Stolen Art Found in Obscure Places

Van Gogh Art Found

Wartime Animation Art Found

Ice Age Art

Inaugural Russian Sale

Stolen Art Found in Parked Car



Art of the Tarot

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