Hans Von Aachen

Hans von Aachen
Hans von Aachen(1552 – 1615)       Historical and biblical narratives, Portraiture Art Work

Name: Hans von Aachen
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Cologne, Germany
Nationality: German
Birth: 1552
Death: 1615
Past Auctions: N/A
   Quick Facts

Known For: Historical and biblical narratives, Portraiture
Medium: Oil on copper and panel
Style: Mannerism
Fine Art Profession(s): Painter




Hans von Aachen was a mannerist style painter, who trained in the Netherlands. Von Aachen originally from Cologne, Germany, in 1597, secured a position in the imperial court of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II while living and studying in Florence, Italy. Mostly painting religious, mythological and allegorical subject matter, Von Aachen is likened to the Flemish painter Bartholomeus Spranger.