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6 months ago
Very professional service, owner takes care of every client


Jayson Hoffer

a year ago
Elena was incredible with my clients. She appraised some of their art, collectables, and jewelry. She also helps people sell their items. I am so happy to have Elena! My clients drove from Tempe to Scottsdale to see her!

Other Reviews 

“Elena and her incredible staff are always available and willing to help with any appraisal or brokerage needs I have!” – Jeff H.


“After my parents passed, I inherited a number of family items and heirlooms. I wanted to get them appraised for insurance purposes as well as to find out what they were worth. Elena and her team walked me through the process and explained the services they offered. She explained to me what each appraisal service was meant for. After discussion, we decided on an appraisal for insurance replacement value and an appraisal for fair market value. They gave me a great deal! Elena was amazing and made the process so easy – especially after such a devastating loss.” – Sara M.


“I found myself in possession of a number of pieces by local artists – none of which I particularly wanted to keep. I hired ArtFortune to sell the pieces for me. Elena let me know that the pieces would be difficult to sell and that it would be unlikely that she would be able to sell the pieces for even close to what I had hoped for. She provided some other options that would provide me with more money in the end. Ultimately, we decided to appraise the pieces for a charitable donation and donate them to one of the charities Elena works with. They provided me with a 100% tax deduction! I couldn’t be happier!” – Michael F.


“Elena and her team are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional! They asked me why I needed an appraisal and helped me decided which type of appraisal to have conducted. Elena was fast and professional in taking photos of my items. She and her team were thorough in creating my appraisal report. Thank you Elena and your ArtFortune Team!!” – Jacqueline L.